Yandex.Taxi and Rostec may launch aerotaxi service in Moscow

Now, in addition to Yandex and Rostec,

FIRMA NITA aviation engineering solutions provider and the Moscow government.

At the first stage of the project, users “Yandex.Taxi ”will be able to order a helicopter from the Moscow Ring Road to the Moscow region, and in the future - to the Garden Ring. To the heliport of users will bring a car.

In Yandex, they confirmed the development of a new service. According to the service director of BP-Technology (part of Russian Helicopters) Ilya Mikhalchenko, as a result, aerotaxis, which is part of the Moscow city transport system, should appear.


Most likely, the service will use the VRT500 helicopters currently under development, and they will be operated by an independent company. Terms of starting the service has not yet been disclosed.

Now in Moscow there are already services for ordering a helicopter. At Heliport Moscow, the flight hour in a Robinson R66 helicopter costs about 46 thousand rubles.