Yandex.Taxi has developed a system of electronic waybills for its drivers

All relevant departments, including traffic police officers and the transport inspectorate, can access the EPL.

To do this, the inspector will simply have to run the driver through the database and see when he last had a medical examination and the last time the car was serviced.

Also in the travel sheets it will be possible to see the mileage of cars, the volume of cargo carried, the mode of work and rest of drivers.

The introduction of a unified system will reduce by four timesexpenses of taxi companies for technical and medical inspection. If now for a taxi fleet of 30 cars the cost of each inspection will be 200 rubles per car, then after the system is implemented the price will decrease to 45 rubles.

According to experts, now a single EPL systemthere is nowhere in the world. In the future, this technology can also be shifted to freight and public transport. To do this, the parties will have to decide who will collect this information, store and use.