Yandex's neural network helped the composer write a play for viola and orchestra. It will be played by the orchestra conducted by Bashmet in Sochi.

The neural network from Yandex was trained on 4 GB of midi files with various classical music - from Bach and Mozart to

Schnittke. At the same time, the developers of this neural network have already worked with machine learning - in 2016, they created a neural network that recorded a music album in the style of “Civil Defense.”

In the process of creating developers rejectedmore than 90% of the chaotic material created by the neural network, therefore, it is impossible to fully say that she wrote a piece of music herself. As a result, composer Kuzma Bodrov listened to the created melodic lines and built them into a single line.

Yandex's neural network may well helpcomposers in the works. Usually, when you undertake an essay, a painful search begins - where to start, what to cling to. We are looking for a chord, intonation, some piece of melody - a thread, pulling which you can unravel. These initial intonations are able to offer a neural network.

Композитор Кузьма Бодров

Earlier, developers from MIT wrote PixelPlayer artificial intelligence, which can find the right musical instrument on the video and draw out its sound if it is quieter than others.

Recently, Facebook introduced an artificialintelligence that can transform music from one style to another. Artificial intelligence is able to accurately recreate music from one genre to another using various musical instruments through auto-coding. A neural network can take a recording of a symphony orchestra performed by Bach and turn it into the same melody, but the piano will be Beethoven's part.