Yes, there is really no charging in the Galaxy S21 bundle: what else have the new Samsung flagships lost

At today's presentation, Samsung has devoted a lot of time to the pluses of the flagships Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra,

revealing their features against the background of other models. But now we will talk about what the new products do not have.

Without charging and headphones

As expected, the flagship bundle is significantlycut down: now in the box you will not find either headphones or a power adapter - only a cable. Of course, all this is due to concern for the environment - they say, many have old chargers lying around, and new ones will only increase the amount of unnecessary plastic.

By the way, Apple was the first to take such a step in the past.year. Along with the release of the iPhone 12, she removed the charger from the set of not only new, but also old models. For this, she received numerous complaints and a wave of criticism, including ridicule from competitors. But after that, those same competitors followed Apple's lead. For example, Xiaomi offers two versions of packaging for the Mi 11 flagships - with and without a charging adapter. And they cost the same.

What else

Apart from this, the Galaxy S21 line has others,albeit not such significant innovations. For example, unlike previous generations, the new flagships are only available in 5G versions - there is no 4G anymore. This is especially "relevant" for our latitudes, where fifth generation networks are not yet working.

In addition, the Galaxy S21 flagships do not have a slot formemory cards. However, the built-in memory is already enough - from 128 to 512 GB, depending on the model. Another thing is that the more storage you have, the more expensive your smartphone is, so all your needs should be taken into account when buying.

However, 3.The gadgets do not have a 5 mm headphone jack either, but this is nothing surprising in our time. Nowadays, many people prefer wireless headphones. For example, the Galaxy Buds Pro also debuted today, which, by the way, comes as a bonus to the Galaxy S21 Ultra when pre-ordering.

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