Yota and Brickpacer Submit 9 NFT Cards to Rarible Auction

The plots for the cards are inspired by the concept of Yota commercials and ordinary life situations, familiar

all over the country:grandmothers on benches, holes on the roads, panels and rest on the river with barbecue. Classical elements of Brickspacer's art are skillfully inscribed in each of the plots: the Russian car industry, subtle satire and native vast expanses. The central character will be the corporate wolf, who will appear in the images of a grandmother, a passenger in a compartment, a fisherman and others.

Brickspacer is a media artist and filmmaker, one of the first in the CIS who managed to monetize his work on NFT platforms, and was nominated for Forbes in the “30 Most Promising Russians Under 30” rating this year.

“In the project“ CryptoRussia ”we wanted to captureeven more everyday stories that are characteristic of our culture through new digital art. That's why we turned to Brickspacer. Now, wherever Yota catches, anyone can see something familiar in his work, smile or even feel nostalgic, ”comments Yota Marketing Communications Manager Yekaterina Zharkova.

“Yota and I decided to make a joint NFT drop,dedicated to the national characteristics of our vast homeland. It includes 10 digital canvases printed in digital media in NFT format. Our task was to show sketches familiar and close to every Russian person, for which I placed my characters in situations that reflect the spirit, will and mentality of the country. In many works, one can observe satire, but the caustic word serves a good purpose: we will direct all the proceeds from the sale of cards to charity, ”comments the author of the Brickspacer project.

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