YotaPhone will disappear as a brand and smartphone

Today, the Korean technology giant Samsung is promoting its innovative smartphone, which contains

itself two displays at once, and one of themflexible, and when unfolded its size is comparable to an average tablet. However, at the end of 2012, a company from the Russian Federation, Yota Devices, developed a device with two displays. One display, the main one, was a regular LCD, and a second E-Ink display was installed on the rear panel. At that time, some Russian functionaries thought that they had caught the bird of happiness by the tail, because this was the first and only smartphone in the world with such parameters.

Failed trend

The device, no doubt, was a new vision onsmartphones of the future, on how they can be. However, this equation lacked a small but very important element - the attention of the consumer. In the global market, the device has practically failed, do not get a tiny percentage of the attention predicted by the company's marketing specialists. In general, the smartphone has not received enough momentum for a normal start. But the team was not discouraged, and decided to release the second generation YotaPhone, and then the third, which saw the light in the late summer of 2017.

But the trouble is, a smartphone equipped with twodisplays, and did not attract the attention of buyers. There are still Chinese craftsmen who continued to experiment with a two-screen idea, however, all this is already unimportant, since Yota Devices ceases to operate, sawing out of the race. Yes, the company is currently bankrupt. In Caiman, the Supreme Court, namely Yota, is registered there, ruled that the time has come to declare the company bankrupt, which it did. The court appointed FTI Consulting as the liquidator of the balances.

Bankruptcy YotaPhone

And the bankruptcy procedure itself initiatedSingapore company Hi-p Electronics. She supplied displays for the smartphone, in any case, for the first two generations of the YotaPhone. The problems began almost immediately, the Russian company, seeing that the smartphone is not for sale, continued to give commitments, and promised huge orders. But she could not fulfill them, did not buy even minimal batches of components. This could mean only one thing - no one buys a smartphone, in any case, single purchases of investments did not pay back. And hopes for an innovative product were very high.

Two displays will not disappear

The idea of ​​two screens in one smartphone is notis something independent, or rather, that chip, which would separately attract. This feature of the design can only work as a supplement to the present innovations and design features. For example, as part of a folding design, when a smartphone folded can be used at the expense of an additional (second) screen. Koreans have a Galaxy Fold. However, not the fact that the consumer will show a keen interest in this form factor and the second screen. This is still very expensive, it works so far (and in the case of the YotaPhone always) it is not very stable, so the trend risks not to happen again. Only a company with huge resources can support it. Samsung has them, but if she wants to spend money, time will tell.

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