You are the owner: what permissions should not be given to installed applications

New apps on your smartphone often ask you for permission to use

camera, microphone, or access to files andcontacts. However, Tatyana Lynova, an analyst at the Angara Security operational monitoring group, said that such permissions should not be given. Her words are transmitted by “Prime”. Discuss

So, the analyst calls to rely on “commonmeaning” and do not give access to the camera and microphone of your smartphone to applications if there is no obvious need for this. According to her, it is worth thinking about what kind of access the application really needs.

For example, a translator may need access to the camera to "scan" text from paper, and access to contacts to send the result of the translation

Tatyana LynovaAnalyst of the Operational Monitoring Group of Angara Security

In addition, she advised paying attention to the program installation resource, since the degree of trust in the developer depends on them.