You can manually tag faces in Google Photo

Google Photo will offer the ability to manually tag faces of people or animals in a photo. Works

innovation only if the application itself recognizes the face.

Not without limitations

Compared to similar features in othersapps, in Google Photos you can't just take a photo and tag your friends. The recognition algorithm itself must understand that the photo actually contains human or animal faces. This means that if someone does not look at the camera, they will not be marked. If the system recognizes a face, but does not understand whose it is, the user will be able to manually add a tag and edit the photo.

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To access the new feature you needSwipe up on a photo to open the Overflow menu. You can also get there by clicking on the photo and then tapping the three dots icon. There you'll see a pencil icon to the right of the People section header. By clicking on this icon, you can edit any tags as you wish.

The date of implementation of the new feature in the application is still unknown.