ZELNET COIL - powerbank and aromatherapy in one device

The ZELNET company began the production of an interesting little thing - ZELNET Coil. At first glance, it is very thin, compact and

Stylish powerbank for wireless charging of mobile devices. The phone is attached to the charger with a magnet and supports mounting on the deflector in the car.

However, for everyday functionality todayhiding another feature of this device is the aromatic diffuser. In order to fill the room with pleasant aromas, you just need to drop a little essential oil or any other flavor and insert the device into the dock. A small impeller will heat the oil and spread it through the room through special air ducts.

The charger has a USB Type-C connector and supportsCharging two devices at once: through a wireless module and through a connector. The developers also built in it all kinds of protections, including protection against the release of energy when the charger is touched with keys, coins and other metal elements.

The device is definitely useful not only for those who need to quickly charge their gadgets, but also for lovers of aromatherapy and relaxation.

A source: Yankodesign