ZTE A41, A41 Ultra and A41 Ultra Supreme Announcement: Three More ZTE Flagships

Like last year, shortly after the announcement of the flagship Axon line, the Chinese company ZTE updated another

a line of devices with top-end hardware - ZTE A.These are smartphones aimed at the corporate and government sector, you won’t be able to come to the store and buy them even in China. In total, there are three models in the 2022 line - A41, A41 Ultra and A41 Ultra Supreme. The two older models are simply renamed versions of ZTE's commercial flagships: the Ultra is the Nubia Z40 Pro, and the Ultra Supreme is the Axon 40 Ultra. But the younger model, ZTE A41, was developed specifically for the corporate sector.

Unfortunately, ZTE does not disclose much ofspecifications ZTE A41. Only the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset, 5000 mAh battery and 66 W fast charging are mentioned. In addition, ZTE A41, like older models, received two pre-installed operating systems (Android + Android), as on many “cryptophones”, and a “dedicated security chip”. Renders also show an extremely minimalist and discreet design of the novelty. Interestingly, the word Axon is written on its body, although there is no analogue of ZTE A41 in the Axon series. Perhaps it will appear in the future; however, last year the ZTE A31 remained exclusive to the corporate market, while the ZTE Axon 30 turned out to be quite different.

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    According to ZTE