ZTE Axon 10 Pro: review of the flagship bright smartphone

ZTE showed its new flagship a long time ago, back in the spring at MWC, while in the markets of the Emirates, Finland and some

other smartphones are offered with modem networksfifth generation. The new product was brought to the Russian market quite recently, and only with a 4G modem, but this does not detract from the advantages of the smartphone, which deserves it even without 5G. At least attention. And who needs a 5G smartphone in the Russian Federation now, if the 5G networks themselves do not yet exist.

Design, ergonomics

Design dozens from ZTE everything is standard, accordinga trend, because now it’s fashionable to have a smartphone in the form of a Christmas tree toy, sparkling with sparkles, solid mirror glass. There is plenty of this good here. The device is covered on both sides with protective glass; there is a frame made of aluminum around the perimeter. The screen is almost frameless, the case thickness is small, the smartphone also weighs a little. Yes, beautiful, so there are some compromises. The first is the convenience in the hand - slippery, easily soiled, and when dropped it is very fragile, even if it falls on a metal frame. But the dimensions are not tablet-like, so the smartphone fits normally in the pocket.

The second compromise is camera lenses. The body is thin, it’s beautiful, but the camera’s optics just don’t fit in it, so lenses are like big growths on the body. It’s good that no mechanisms with tricky extension were brought in under the front camera, it’s just a drop-shaped cutout. Everything is simple and tasteful, not annoying, almost does not take up space, practicality does not eat up. But unlocking on such a camera suggests that the vile original is suitable for photography.


The display here is huge, almost 6.5 ”, the resolution of the OLED matrix is ​​2340x1080, the edges of the screen (glass) are bent to the edges. The pixel density is almost 400 ppi, the chin is 5 millimeters, the side frames are 2 millimeters, the top is 4. The screen has an excellent margin of brightness, plus anti-reflective coating - sunlight will not interfere. The minimum brightness is quite comfortable at night, the automatic brightness adjustment mode works quickly and accurately. Do not forget about = other advantages of matrices of this type - this is real black, white uniformity. True, colors are usually oversaturated, but we do not engage in professional image processing. In general, the screen, in terms of content consumption, is of good quality


Selfie camera received a 20-megapixel sensorwithout autofocus. The quality of the pictures in good lighting is good, the detail and saturation are at a high level, the shadows are not hidden, however, the sharpness is ideal only in the center of the frame. At night, the pictures are frankly unsuccessful.

The main camera received three modules at once. The main module with a 48 megapixel sensor, the second 8-pixel one has a telephoto lens, and they make up a single unit. The third lens is located separately, the sensor is 20 megapixels, wide-angle optics. The optical zoom here is x3, there is a bright flash, a laser rangefinder, they brought up optical stabilization. The quality of the pictures is very good, this is not the best camera phone on the market, but with good lighting, the photos are shameful.


About hardware and flagship performanceit makes no sense to say right away it’s possible to note that the chipset is Snapdragon 855, and that’s all; The performance of all flagships is the same, and the user will never notice the difference by eye, only special benchmark programs can show other numbers. The RAM is 6 gigabytes, the drive is 128 gigabytes, there is a microSD slot. Needless to say, today there are no applications that would not run on this smartphone, any of the most modern heavy games with such a processor just fly.


A fairly capacious 4000 mAh battery givesThe smartphone has long survivability, with a fairly eventful scenario, the device easily lasts a day on a single charge. If you are stuck in an e-book, then your VA smartphone will provide 21 hours of continuous reading at 50 percent of the screen brightness. If you play the video via WiFi, then the battery will not drain before 16 hours. High-speed charging is supported, through an 18-watt adapter and a couple of hours you can completely restore the battery charge. There is support and wireless charging.

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